Hotbox or hot box may refer to:

  • Hot box, an overheated journal box on a railroad car
  • Hot Box (asphalt), An insulated, heated container used for storing hot asphalt
  • The Box (torture), also called a sweatbox; a form of torture and penal punishment by imprisoning a person in an overheated room, cell or cage
  • Hot Box (Music), A dj's record box/collection which contains only a small amount of "hot" rare and expensive items for maximum impact. The Term Originates from the UK Deepfunk scene but has also been adopted on the Northern Soul Scene.
  • Hot box (game), a half-court flying disc sport with a very small box-shaped scoring area.
  • Hotbox (baseball), also known as the rundown, is a running/fielding/throwing drill in baseball training
  • Hot Box (Band) an indie rock band from Boston, Masschusetts
  • A hotbox, a slang noun used to refer to a woman who is eager for sexual intercourse (from hot, slang for "sexually aroused, horny" + box, slang for "vagina")
  • A hotbox, a slang term for a synthetic vagina used for male masturbation.
  • A hotbox, a slang term for an informant; synonymous with various other such colloquialisms, such as snitch, rat, and stoolpigeon
  • A hotbox, a pressure washer accessory, powered by oil, gas or electricity, used to heat water before it is sprayed from the washer
  • Hotboxing, smoking marijuana or hashish in a small enclosed area, causing it to fill with smoke in order to maximize the effect.

* Alternatively but relatedly, describes a cigarette smoker inhaling rapidly and deeply, causing the burning end of the cigarette to glow brightly

  • Hotboxing, a method of waxing skis, using a heated box to melt wax which is then applied to the bottoms of the skis

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