hot pad

Carrick mat

The Carrick mat is a knot. When woven flat it can be used as a mat or pad - as a hot pad, e.g. The same knot tied the same way, but allowed to form a cylinder around the central opening instead of laying flat, can be used to make a woggle. The carrick mat is one of the easiest to master of the Turks head knots (3 lead x 4 bight).

To tie a Carrick mat

  1. Start with a clockwise bight, to layover with an open pretzel.
  2. Run your working end under your standing end. This will bring you to the left side of the flat knot.
  3. Run the working end in a sewing fashion. (Over, under, over, under) This will bring you near to your standing end.
  4. Run your working end next to the standing end, following it through the knot.
  5. Repeat as necessary.

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