Host(s) may refer to:

In Christianity:

In culture:

  • Host (event), a television or radio show presenter
  • Host (album), a 1999 album by the band Paradise Lost
  • Host (film), a 1998 TV Sci-Fi Thriller film starring Peter Gallagher and Mimi Rogers
  • Hosts (novel), a Repairman Jack novel by F. Paul Wilson
  • Hosts (World of Darkness), antagonists from Werewolf: The Forsaken roleplaying game
  • Rutan Host, a fictional extraterrestrial race from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who

In computing:

  • Network host, in computer networking, a computer connected to the Internet
  • Terminal host, a multi-user computer or software providing services to computer terminals, or a computer that provides services to smaller or less capable devices. Example: Xhost.
  • Hosts file, a file that serves to look up Internet Protocol addresses
  • Smart host, a type of mail relay server which allows an SMTP server to route e-mail to an intermediate mail server
  • Internet hosting service, a company or individual who offers the services of servers for providing content on the Internet

In science:

  • Host (biology), an organism that harbors a parasite, mutual partner, or commensal partner
  • Host (psychology), the most important mental entity in someone who has Dissociative Identity Disorder

In other usage:

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