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Parenni Maya Jalaima (film)

Parenni Maya Jalaima (also: Pare Ni Maya Jalaima (Nepal) alternative transliteration and Undone by Love (International: English title) is a 2004 movie filmed 80% in Hong Kong with the remaining shoots done in various parts of Nepal. It is one of the highest-budget Nepal movie till date. It won the Best Story Award at the Nepalese Film Awards on 2004.



Man Bahadur is an ex-Gurkha soldier. He lives in Hong Kong with his family. He has a son named Himal (Dilip Raimajhi), a nephew Suraj(Uttam Pradhan) whom he has looked after since his childhood and his wife(Mithila Sharma). Himal and Suraj are of same age that’s why they are so close to each other. But there is a vast differences in their characters. Himal’s thinking is all westernized. He likes hip-hop music and has friends from bad circles. He takes drugs occasionally and he is dating a girl named Jenny from Philippines. He spends most of his time in discos rather than his family and work. On the other hand Suraj is a hard working boy. He goes to his work on time, comes back home on time. He likes Nepalese music, Nepalese food, Nepalese culture. But Himal does not like anything Nepalese. From Himal’s behaviour Man Bahadur and his wife are worried. Ma Bahadur thinks his son has gone out of their hands. But his wife has not lost hope yet6. She thinks if Himal marries a Nepalese girl then everything will be alright. She thinks the girl will rehabilitate him. But Man Bahadur thinks his son will never be rehabilitated.

One day in a disco Himal gets drunk and not knowing what he is doing, kisses a girl by force. Then a fight breaks out between Himal and the girl’s boy friend. Himal gets beaten up badly. Now Man Bahadur does not have any hopes for his son. But his wife still thinks their son can be rehabilitated. Therefore she insists on finding a Nepalese girl for him. Initially Man Bahadur does not agree but after being pressed by his wife he agrees to find a girl for Himal. Man Bahadur writes to his childhood friend Bal Bahadur(Sunil Thapa) for his daughter Kiran’s(Jharana Bajracharya) Hand for Himal. He puts a proposal with Bal Bahadur that he will send his daughter to Hong Kong as a tourist and during her stay in Hong Kong if Himal and Kiran like each other, if they can have good understanding then only will announce the marriage. After reading the letter , Bal Bahadur becomes very happy. He thinks Himal is the perfect groom for his daughter Kiran. Also he is very happy that his daughter can get away from the hardship in Nepal. After consulting his wife and seeing a bright future ahead for their beloved daughter Bal Bahadur and his wife decide to send Kiran to Hong Kong. They hide the real reason and tell Kiran that she is going to Hong Kong on her college vacation. Kiran is very happy to go to Hong Kong on her vacation.

The time comes., Kiran arrives in Hong Kong. She meets with Himal and Suraj. During her stay with the family she comes to know the characters of Himal and Suraj. She starts liking Suraj instead of Himal. Slowly they fall in love. On the other hand Himal is happy with his girl friend, drinks and drugs. One day because of his regular absence from work he gets fired. After losing his job he does not get a new job. He runs out of his money also. That’s why he can’t see Jenny very often. One day he enters a disco and sees that Jenny is dancing and kissing another man. He approaches her and tries to talk to her but she ignores him. She pretends that nothing had happened between her and Himal. Himal gets upset from Jenny’s behaviour but before he could do anything, he is attacked by Jenny’s new boy friend and his friends. Himal is admitted in the Hospital in a serious condition. A big operation has to carry out on his head. His family members arrive at the hospital to visit him but he is in coma. All of them pray to the God. Finally Himal regains his consciousness. When he opens his eyes he sees all the family members beside him, crying for him. Then he realizes the entire mistake he has made in his life. He vows to become a good citizen.

After observation the situation in Man Bahadur’s family. Kiran feels obliged to do something for the family. She thinks if she could rehabilitate Himal and bring back some happiness in the family, Man Bahadur would appreciate her work. She goes to the Hospital everday. She stays with Himal, talks to him, entertains him. Himal is tremendously impressed by her laughter and playful behaviour. He starts liking her but he does not know she is already in love with Suraj.

After seeing Kiran and Himal going along well. Man Bahadur and his wife are assured that Himal and Kiran like each other. They have seen lot of changes in Himal. And they believe its Kiran who helped Himal get rehabilited so quick. Man Bahadur and his wife think that this is the right time to announce the engagement of Himal and Kiran. Now that Himal is back home from the Hospital, Man Bahadur and his wife host a small party for their friends and family. At the party Man Bahadur announces the engagement of Kiran and Himal. Kiran and Suraj are shocked by the announcement. Kiran walks out of the party. Suraj goes after her, they chat for a long time. Suraj some how convinces Kiran that they have to sacrifice their love to keep the family together. Kiran finally agrees to marry Himal. The time comes to go to Nepal for the wedding day. All of them go to the airport to leave for Nepal. At the airport Himal opens everything about Suraj and Kiran. He feels ashamed of being a villain in Suraj and Kiran’s love. Finally he thanks Kiran for rehabilitation him and making a reformed citizen of Hong Kong. He bids farewell to Kiran and Suraj.

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