hospital, institution for the care of the sick, maintained by private endowment or public funds or both. General hospitals minister to all types of illness, while special hospitals are concerned with only one disease or group of diseases. Many hospitals are maintained solely for the treatment of military personnel and veterans. Once a pesthouse for the care of the indigent and the friendless, with a quality of treatment and nursing from which few emerged alive, the hospital has flourished with the progress of medicine and surgery. Toward the end of the 19th cent. hospital care was revolutionized by the discovery of anesthesia, improvement in sanitation, establishment of hospital nursing schools, and other advances. Hospitals in large cities have become huge medical centers equipped not only to treat the ill but also to further the education of the medical staff, train a nursing staff, perform vital research into the cause and cure of disease, and help the patient with convalescent and social problems.

Hospital (An tOspidéal in Irish) is a town in east County Limerick, Ireland. The town itself has a population of 1206 people as of the 2006 census but within a 2km radius that number more than doubles.


The town acquired its name from the crusading Knights Hospitaller who built the archaeologically significant cathedral here in 1215. This cathedral has the remains of three interesting tombs, dating from the 13th and 14th centuries.

An alternative explanation, from the bio of Sir Valentine Browne, Knight, Surveyor general of Ireland (who was awarded lands in the area by Queen Elizabeth I of England) is that the town anciently formed part of the parish of Aney, and derived its name from a hospital for Knights Templar, founded in 1226 by Geoffry de Marisco, then Lord-Justice of Ireland.


The "Old Cork Road" from Limerick to Mitchelstown and Cork (also known today as the R513) passes through the town. There are plans to upgrade this road, forming an alternative Limerick to Cork road.


Hospital is one of the Limerick's larger towns, and hosts a number of retail outlets and businesses. The town's secondary school was completed in 2000 and has over 650 students. There is also a new primary school which was completed in the summer of 2004. Hospital is also home to one of Limerick's youthreach schools. The town also has its own GAA club where they are joined with the village of Herbertstown. Limerick captain Damien Reale is a member of the club. There is also a soccer club in the town called Hospital Crusaders. Other recreational bodies include the local tennis and handball clubs.

There is a stone circle nearby at Ballinamona.


Hospital has its own local area development plan which lays out plans and proposals for the future expansion of the town.

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