Hoshaiah, in the Bible. 1 A leader at the dedication of the wall. 2 Father of Jaazaniah.
Hoshaiah or Oshaya (died ca. 350 CE) (Hebrew: אושעיא, הושעיה) was a Palestinian amora of the 3rd and 4th amoraic generations. It is supposed that his colleague Ḥanina was his brother (Sanh. 14a; see Edels, Ḥiddushe Agadot, ad loc.). They were lineal descendants from Eli the priest, which circumstance they assigned as reason for Johanan's failure to ordain them. For a living they plied the shoemaker's trade.

Hoshaiah and Ḥanina are mentioned in connection with a certain bath-house, the ownership of which was contested by two persons, one of whom turned over the property as "heḳdesh" (for sacred use), causing Hoshaiah, Ḥanina, and other rabbis to leave it (B. M. 6b). On the day Hoshaiah died, it is claimed, the largest date-palm in Tiberias was uprooted and fell (Yer. Ab. Zarah iii. 42c).

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