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And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon

"And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon" is the title of the first and second episodes in season 8 of American sitcom Frasier. It follows the repercussions of the romantic revelation between Niles and Daphne in the previous episode.

Cast and characters

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Plot outline

Part I

Niles and Daphne, inside Martin's Winnebago, are about to run from Daphne's wedding. As they reach the end of the driveway, they both realise that they cannot run from their responsibilities and bravely choose to go back and face the music. Reluctantly, Daphne confesses her feelings for Niles to Donny, and Niles breaks up with Mel. The next day, both Niles and Daphne are more intimate but more uncomfortable around each other.

Daphne receives flowers from Donny, accompanied by a summons, revealing that Donny is suing her for emotional distress and breach of contract. Against Martin's advice, Frasier goes to see Donny, and attempts to persuade him to drop the lawsuit. Unfortunately, he inadvertently reveals his own minor role in events, which only prompts Donny to add him to the lawsuit.

Niles, meanwhile, is not faring much better; Mel has no desire to be embarrassed by her husband leaving her for another woman after only four days. As a result, she agrees to grant Niles a divorce, but she has a list of demands: she will end the marriage, after what she deems a suitable a period of time; meanwhile, Niles will play the dutiful husband in public. Niles agrees, but is less than thrilled to hear that their first social function will be their wedding reception, to be held that night.

Part II

Daphne is less than pleased to hear about Niles and Mel's arrangement, still less his wedding reception, which means that Niles must cancel a date the two had planned. The reception proves far from enjoyable for the "happy couple". Mel in particular is not pleased to see Frasier, having heard from Donny about his "minor involvement" in their recent unhappiness. She takes spiteful pleasure in pointing out to Niles that, under the terms of their arrangement, he cannot be seen in public with Daphne.

When she hears this, Daphne is furious and very upset, rashly wishing she could reverse the last few days. Frasier's attempts to mediate and avoid an argument only sees Niles and Daphne viciously turn on him, angrily blaming him for his interference and for ruining everything. Daphne storms to her room, and Niles, refusing to apologise to Frasier, is thrown out of the apartment. Soon afterwards, Daphne timidly attempts to initiate a conversation with a hurt and unreceptive Frasier, before tearfully apologising. Frasier accepts Daphne's apology and they reconcile. He decides to help her and Niles out once more: if they cannot go out to dinner, he will bring the dinner to them.

Episode title cards

  • If they’d given cash he’d be in Cabo by now
  • Guess who’s short, wears a tuxedo and has frosting all over his feet?
  • Mucking about with the horsey set
  • Actually a goat got most of the hot dog

Cultural references

Memorable Quotations

Niles explains to Frasier and Martin about Mel's condition that he play the doting husband in public
Niles: Well, since we eloped, some of Mel's colleagues decided to throw a little last-minute get-together to toast our nuptials.
Martin: Well, after Donny gets through with Frasier, you won't be the only one havin' your nuptials toasted.

Frasier is watching his brother at the wedding reception
Frasier: Look at him, over-acting. Trying to convince everybody he's happily married. Have you ever seen anything so pathetic in your life?
Martin: How about you and Lilith?
Frasier: It was a rhetorical question!

When a photographer approaches the "happy couple" at the reception, Niles becomes more nervous than ever
Photographer: How about a kiss?
Niles: All right! I hardly know you, but…

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