horse doctor

Ben K. Green

Ben K. Green (1912 – 1974) wrote about his favorite subject, the not-so-old American west. His books are basically short stories that draw from his own experiences in the Southwestern United States. He earned his living by trading horses in his early years. The method of trading was "cheat or be cheated".

He was born in Cumby, Texas. He became a doctor of veterinary medicine and practiced in the dry region west of the Pecos river.

List of Books

  • Horse Tradin'
  • Some More Horse Tradin'
  • The Village Horse Doctor West of the Pecos, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1971
  • Wild Cow Tales
  • A Thousand Miles of Mustangin', Northland Press
  • Horse Tales
  • The Color of Horses: A Scientific and Authoritative Identification of the Color of the Horse, Northland Press, 1974


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