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Horribly Famous

Similar to the Dead Famous series, Horribly Famous is a series of books containing biographies of famous people who are now dead. These books are written by a range of authors and the books are, in some cases ghost-written under the same name as the one person featured in a Dead Famous book. As a spin-off series, Horrible Histories aims to offer an enchanting humour and style of writing that appeals to children so they can be educated and entertained.

Both series are published by the same company - Scholastic. These are the books in the Horribly Famous series so far:

  • Elizabeth I and her Conquests (Elizabeth I) Margaret Simpson
  • Henry VIII and his Chopping Block (Henry VIII) Alan MacDonald
  • Julius Caesar and his Foul Friends (Julius Caesar) Toby Brown
  • Sir Frances Drake and His Daring Deeds (Sir Frances Drake) Andrew Donkin
  • Pirates and their Caribbean Capers (Pirates) (2007) Michael Cox
  • Tutankhamun and His Tombful of Treasure (Tutankhamun) Michael Cox

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