Horizontal bar

Horizontal bar

The horizontal bar or high bar is an Artistic Gymnastics apparatus that is made of metal (often steel). It is only used by male gymnasts, who typically wear grips while performing on the bar. Elements on horizontal bar are regulated by the Code of Points. A routine (sequence of 11-15 or more skills) usually includes giant swings with various grips (overgrip, undergrip, dorsal grip, mixed grip), in-bar work, turns, release/regrasp skills, and a dismount. Generally, high bar is considered one of the most exciting gymnastics events due to the power gymnasts generate through giant swings and the impressive aerial releases and dismounts which often include multiple flips or twists, and occasionally require the gymnast to travel over the bar.


Measures of the apparatus are published by the FIG in the Apparatus Norms brochure.

  • Height: 278 cm (including about 20 cm landing mats)
  • Length: 240 cm
  • Diameter of the bar: 29mm

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