[hawrd, hohrd]

Horde, a term of Turkic origin meaning a clan of nomads (ultimately from the Turkic ordu, orda meaning "encampment" , cf. Urda; Ордын; Ordu; cf. the related term yurt). 'Ordu' is also the word for 'Army' in Persian of Afghanistan.

Horde may refer to:

  • the White Horde, formed 1226.
  • the Blue Horde, formed 1227.
  • the Golden Horde, a Tatar-Mongol state established in the 1240s
  • the Nogai Horde, a Tatar clan situated in the Caucasus Mountain region, formed in the 1390s.
  • Jüz, the traditional divisions of Kazakh society, consisting of the Greater, Middle and Lesser Hordes.

Horde may also refer to:


See also

  • Urdu, a Persianized register of the Khariboli language, takes its name from the same word.
  • not to be confused with unrelated Hoard "treasure".

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