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The Light of Things Hoped For

The Light of Things Hoped For is the second album by Christian rock band Brave Saint Saturn, released in 2003 (see 2003 in music).

The album is described as "astro-rock" and tells a story dealing with many personal struggles of the band members.


The Light of Things Hoped For chronicles the crew of the U.S.S. Gloria (Roper, Culp, Hoerig, Verdecchio) as they continue their study of the moons of Saturn. As the album begins, the crew has just received the command from Mission Control to return home. The mood quickly changes, however, as complications arise. Gases are emitted from the Gloria, sending the ship careening into the eclipse of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Communications cut out, and all seems to be lost. The crew reflects on what had happened and what they had lost, drawing the comparison of being away from the light of Christ. The album ends in a series of radio transmissions between the Gloria and Mission Control, and the U.S.S. Gloria emerges from the shadow of Titan and into the light, once again drawing the comparison between the Sun and Christ and the light He brings.


Tooth and Nail edited two tracks on the album without the band's permission. On the song "Enamel" a record scratch covers the end of the line "When you hear this song, I hope it hurts like Hell." Edits on "Heart Still Beats" cover the word "pissed" and the line "Go to hell."

Unedited versions of both tracks have been leaked to the internet. If the second release of this CD is ordered from Brave Saint Saturn's online store, they will email the unedited songs to the purchaser.

Track listing

  1. "Prologue" (Reese Roper) – 1:12
  2. "The Sun Also Rises" (Roper) – 3:15
  3. "Binary" (Roper) – 3:54
  4. "Mercury" (Saki) – 0:42
  5. "Enamel" (Roper) – 3:32
  6. "Anastasia" (Roper) – 4:18
  7. "Titan" (Roper) – 3:35
  8. "Gemini" (Saki) – 1:06
  9. "Estrella" (Roper) – 4:37
  10. "Heart Still Beats" (Dennis Culp) – 4:28
  11. "Babies Breath" (Roper) – 4:07
  12. "I Fell Away" (Roper) – 3:13
  13. "Recall" (Culp) – 4:21
  14. "Atropos" (Roper) – 1:08
  15. "Daylight" (Roper) – 6:24
  16. "Irides of M" (Hidden Track)



  • Producers: Masaki and Reese Roper
  • Executive producers: Brandon Ebel, Tyson Paoletti
  • Programming: Dennis Culp, Reese Roper
  • Layout design: Aaron James
  • Artwork: Aaron James
  • Illustrations: Reese Roper
  • Photography: Melinda Culp


  • The song "Titan" is introduced by a clip of the computer WOPR asking "Shall we play a game?" from the film WarGames.
  • The song "Estrella" was written by Reese Roper in his basement about his 25 year old friend, Matt Estrella, who suffered from Neurofibromatosis 2, Dying a year before the album came out.

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