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New Hope for the Wretched

New Hope for the Wretched is the debut album by punk-metal band The Plasmatics, fronted by Wendy O. Williams.

Former Rolling Stones producer Jimmy Miller was the initial producer for the album. Unfortunately, Miller's heroin addiction took almost complete control from the day he arrived in New York and he was virtually useless to the project, nearly bringing the whole project down with him. Stiff Records fired Miller, and the album was finished by Engineer Ed Stasium and Rod over in England. In addition to songs like "Corruption' and "Living Dead", linked to TV smashing and automobile destruction the song "Butcher Baby" featured, as with the live shows, a chainsaw sawing through a guitar in place of a guitar solo. Stiff released it as single where it made it into the Top 40 on the UK charts.

The album was re-released in 2001 by Plasmatics Media, Inc. with bonus tracks and the Metal Priestess EP on the same disc. In 2002, Cherry Red Records re-released the complete album.

Track listing

  1. Tight Black Pants
  2. Monkey Suit
  3. Living Dead
  4. Test Tube Babies
  5. Won't You
  6. Squirm (Live)
  7. Won't You Baby
  8. Dream Lover
  9. Sometimes I...
  10. Corruption
  11. Butcher Baby
  12. Sometimes I... (Live) *
  13. Living Dead (Live) *
  14. Tight Black Pants (Live) *
  15. Butcher Baby (Live) *
  16. Corruption (Live) *
  17. You Think You're Comin' *
  18. Fast Food Service *
  19. Bonus Tracks from Cherry Re-Issue

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