"Pie-O-My" is the forty-fourth episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and was the fifth of the show's fourth season. It was written by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, directed by Henry J. Bronchtein and originally aired on Sunday October 13 2002.

Guest starring roles

Episode recap

After Ralph Cifaretto buys a racehorse named "Pie-O-My," the filly wins a couple of races and makes a lot of money for Ralph and Tony Soprano. Ralph gives Tony some of the winnings because he picks the strategy for the winning races. Tony grows fond of the horse, in direct contrast to Ralph, who instructs the trainer to "tell that midget not to go easy with the whip."

Carmela asks Tony to invest in some stock and sign papers for a life insurance trust. Tony's accountant advises against it because the advantages only affect Carmela if Tony dies. Tony relents on the stock and tells her to buy, but she announces that it has been split and they missed the chance.

Adriana La Cerva is unhappy that her club, The Crazy Horse, is now being used as a meeting place for various mob associates. This has not gone unnoticed by her FBI handlers, who continue to pressure her for information. She also grows extremely paranoid of her informant identity becoming known, although in reality it is oblivious as it can be to Tony and the others.

Janice Soprano has taken an interest in Bobby Baccalieri. She interferes in a conversation between the new widower and JoJo Palmice and then gives the dinner that JoJo had made for Bobby to Junior Soprano. Janice also takes credit for Carmela's lasagna and tries to get Bobby to focus more on his work. After Janice tells him that Junior is counting on him, Bobby meets with a union representative and intimidates him into changing his vote in an upcoming election.

Meanwhile, Uncle Junior catches the report of his court appearance on TV. He is displeased at the unflattering likeness painted by the court artist, and the next day in the courtroom fixes him with an intimidating stare.

With veterinarian's fees for Pie-O-My cutting into its winnings, Ralph refuses to do anything one night when the horse becomes sick and needs help. Once word gets to Tony, he rushes to the stables and pays the vet, who had been withholding treatment until his bill was settled. Tony tells him that he'd better hope the horse "makes it." He then goes into the stall, sits with the animal and comfortingly strokes her neck, telling her that everything will be all right.

First appearances

The episode marks the first appearance of:

Title reference

The episode's title is the name of Ralph's race horse.


  • At the stables, Hesh references Seabiscuit, who was at the time a frequent pop culture reference due to the popularity of the book about him. This episode aired prior to the release of the 2003 motion picture of the same name.
  • Writer Terence Winter provided the voice of the race announcer.


  • The song heard from AJ's room when Tony is in bed is "The Gift That Keeps On Giving" Written by Glen Benton, Performed by Deicide.
  • The song played over the end credits is "My Rifle, My Pony and Me" by Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson.

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