Honors course

Honors course

Honors course is a distinction applied in the United States to certain classes to distinguish them from standard course offerings. The difference between a regular class (such as English 1) and the honors class (English 1 Honors) is not necessarily the amount of work, but the type of work required and the pace of studying. Honors courses are not advanced in the same sense that high school advanced placement courses are. Rather, honors courses are enriched; they offer the same material in greater depth and with a faster pace. Honors courses emphasize critical and independent thinking to produce creative application of ideas. The teacher/student ratio is usually smaller in honors classes to encourage participation and class discussion.

Motivation is the main quality that characterizes an honors student. In addition to being committed to academics, they are encouraged and many participate in volunteer work, organizations & clubs, cooperative education, research, study abroad and cultural activities

Honors programs have specific entrance requirements and completion criteria in order to graduate “with Honors”, a distinction that employers view most favorably.


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