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To see the truck that the Honcho package was offered for, see Jeep Gladiator

The Jeep Honcho was a trim package on the full-size J-Series (J10) pickup truck, and was offered from 1976-1983. It consisted of bold striping and decals, and was offered with factory extras such as the Levi's interior or a roll bar. It was one in a series of special decal packages offered for J-Series trucks in the mid to late 1970's, which included the Golden Eagle and 10-4 which offered an optional CB radio along with the decals. The Honcho package was only available on the sportside (stepside) and short bed trucks. Between 1980 and 1982, only 1264 of the sportside versions were produced.


  • Contrary to belief among many non-Jeep experts, the Honcho was not the name for Jeep's full size trucks after AMC bought Jeep from Kaiser in 1970. They were sold as the Gladiator for a few more years and after that were known simply as the J-Series trucks.
  • Decal packages were available for many of Jeep's vehicles in the 1970's, including a package for the Jeep Cherokee called the Cherokee Chief.. The Golden Eagle package mentioned above was also available for both the CJ and the Cherokee .

In pop culture

  • In the movie Twister, Jo drives a yellow 1982 Jeep Honcho.
  • In the original Tremors movie, Kevin Bacon drives a J truck.
  • In the third season of "Dallas", the character Ray Krebbs drives a J truck.


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