[hoh-muh-juh-nee-i-tee, hom-uh-]

Homogeneity means "being similar throughout".

Homogeneity may also refer to:

  • Homogeneous (mathematics), a variety of meanings
  • In statistics homogeneity can refer to
  • Homogeneity (physics), in physics, two particular meanings: On one hand, translational invariance. On the other, homogeneity of units in equations, related to dimensional analysis
  • Homogenetic or homoplastic, in biology, applied both to animals and plants, of having a resemblance in structure, due to descent from a common progenitor with subsequent modification
  • Homogenization is intensive mixing of mutually insoluble phases (sometimes with addition of surfactants) to obtain a soluble suspension or emulsion, for example homogenizing milk so that the cream doesn't separate out
  • In physical chemistry, homogeneous describes a single-phase system as opposed to a heterogeneous system. See also phase diagrams and the classification of catalysts
  • In the context of procurement/purchasing, homogeneous is used to describe goods that do not vary in their essential characteristic irrespective of the source of supply

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