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Hommel (crater)

Hommel is a lunar crater located in the southeast section of the Moon, in a region that is deeply impacted with a multitude of impact craters. The most notable craters nearby are Pitiscus to the north; Rosenberger due east, and Nearch to the southeast. The prominent Vlacq crater is nearly attached to the northeast rim. Also nearby is Asclepi crater to the west. The crater is about 120 kilometers in diameter and its walls reach heights of 2,800 meters. It is from the Pre-Nectarian period, 4.55 to 3.92 billion years ago.

The eroded outer wall of Hommel is overlain and incised by a number of smaller but still sizeable craters. 'Hommel C' overlays the western rim and 'Hommel A' the north. Intruding into the rim are 'Hommel H' to the northwest, 'Hommel B' in the east, and 'Hommel P' along the southern wall. These craters are in turn ovelain by smaller craterlets. The crater 'Hommel D' lies on the southern part of the inner floor, incising into the south rim. In the mid-point of the crater is a low central peak.

The crater is named for 16th century German mathematician and astronomer Johann Hommel.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Hommel crater.

Hommel Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 53.7° S 34.3° E 51 km
B 55.3° S 37.0° E 33 km
C 54.8° S 29.6° E 53 km
D 55.8° S 32.5° E 28 km
E 59.0° S 31.0° E 14 km
F 58.4° S 32.0° E 21 km
G 58.1° S 27.4° E 30 km
H 52.6° S 30.9° E 43 km
HA 52.0° S 30.5° E 8 km
J 53.5° S 27.9° E 18 km
K 55.5° S 27.0° E 16 km
L 56.1° S 27.9° E 18 km
M 59.8° S 27.5° E 7 km
N 59.3° S 28.8° E 14 km
O 58.5° S 28.2° E 6 km
P 56.9° S 31.7° E 34 km
Q 56.1° S 38.4° E 29 km
R 52.6° S 32.6° E 11 km
S 56.6° S 36.2° E 22 km
T 57.6° S 26.3° E 22 km
V 53.5° S 33.5° E 13 km
X 60.9° S 32.2° E 6 km
Y 60.4° S 30.8° E 4 km
Z 59.8° S 30.4° E 4 km


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