List of defunct retailers of the United States

Across the United States a large number of local stores and store chains became defunct between the 1950s, when the chain-store format was introduced, and the 1990s, when many chains were either consolidated or liquidated. Some have been lost due to mergers. Below is a list of defunct retailers of the United States.


  • Al's Auto Parts (Washington State; purchased by Schuck's)
  • Auto Palace
  • Big A Auto Parts
  • Big Wheel/Rossi Auto Parts
  • Crown Auto Parts
  • Parts America
  • Thrift Auto Parts (Kansas)
  • Trak Auto (Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, and West Coast; purchased by Advance Auto Parts, Inc. in 2002)
  • Western Auto Stores (nationwide, once had 1,800 locations, purchased by Sears in 1987 and sold to Advance Auto Parts in 1998. Still operates in Puerto Rico)
  • STM Auto Parts-Massive Chain that died in the early 1990's.

Catalog showrooms

Many long-established catalog merchants have gone out of business in recent years.

  • Ardan's - originally was a members only catalog showroom exclusively for military personnel, federal, city, state and plant/industrial employees. Converted to an all-inclusive format around 1975 before eventually being acquired by Service Merchandise in 1985 and although some stores were converted, the majority were ultimately abandoned.
  • BASCO - Philadelphia, PA area
  • Block Distributors (Philadelphia area)
  • Best Products - Ceased business in 1998 after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1996.
  • Brand Names - Operated in Buffalo, New York
  • Brendle's - Operated 58 showrooms in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Closed in 1996, a few months after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection for the second time.
  • Century House
  • Consumers and Consumers Express
  • Dahlkemper's - operated in Pennsylvania
  • David Weis
  • Golden's Distributors
  • Evans
  • Great Western - Part of Modern Merchandising; acquired by Best Products in 1982.
  • John Plain
  • H.J. Wilson & Company
  • Jafco - Acquired by Modern Merchandising in 1972; Modern Merchandising was acquired by Best Products in 1982.
  • LaBelle's - Part of Modern Merchandising; acquired by Best Products in 1982.
  • Leonard Krower & Sons
  • Mc Dade's
  • Montgomery Ward (closed all remaining showrooms in 2000. Marque purchased and revived by Direct Marketing Inc. in 2004 as an on-line retailer only.)
  • Rink's
  • Service Merchandise - Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1999; ceased operations by early 2002. The name was resurrected in 2004 for an online retail operation.
  • W. Bell & Co.
  • Wilson's - (Southern states, based in Baton Rouge, LA) Acquired by Service Merchandise in 1986
  • Witmark - operated in southwestern Michigan

Clothing, shoes, & specialty stores

  • A.J. August Fashion Wear (Not to be confused with A.J. August Tuxedos of St. Joseph, MO)
  • Anderson-Little - Men's specialty retailer originally associated with a large Massachusetts-based men's clothing manufacturer; also known as Anderson Little-Richman Brothers. Owned for many years by F. W. Woolworth Company; sold to Cliftex Corporation and incorporated into its Gentlemen's Wearhouse subsidiary in 1993. Ceased operations in 1997.
  • Anthony's
  • Britches of Georgetown (including casual brand stores: Britches Great Outdoors, Britches, and Britches for Women)
  • Brooks Fashions
  • Bugle Boy
  • Chandlers
  • Cherry & Webb (CWT/Cherry, Webb & Touraine)
  • Chess King
  • County Seat
  • De Pinna
  • Desmonds Formal Wear
  • De-Jaiz Mens Clothing
  • Endicott Johnson
  • Endicott Shoes
  • Erlebacher's
  • Father & Son
  • Fayva
  • Flagg Bros. Shoes
  • Foreman & Clark
  • Forth & Towne
  • Foxmoor
  • Gallenkamp
  • Gantos
  • Great Clothes
  • Grodins
  • Hanover Shoes
  • Hastings (not to be confused with this one)
  • Hudson's MensWear
  • Hughes & Hatcher (Detroit)
  • Henry's (Wichita)
  • Heslop's
  • id Boutiques (Wisconsin-based, Upper Midwest, Midwest, and PLains regions)
  • JasmineSola (purchased by New York & Company in 2005 and liquidated by the end of fiscal 2007)
  • J. Riggins
  • Jacob Reed and Sons (Philadelphia area)
  • Janeville
  • Jay Jacob
  • Jeans Unlimited
  • Joseph Magnin
  • Judy's
  • Just For Feet
  • KG Menswear
  • Karl's Shoes
  • Kent's
  • Kinney Shoes
  • Kleinhans (Buffalo, New York)
  • Klopfenstein's
  • Laura Ashley
  • Laura Ashley Mother & Child
  • Littler's
  • L.L. Berger (Buffalo, New York)
  • Mansmann's Department Store (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Marianne
  • Merry Go Round
  • Mode O'Day
  • Morville (Philadelphia area)
  • National Shirt Shop
  • Nobil
  • Parade of Shoes
  • Parklane Hosiery (Bankrupt 1991)
  • Patterson-Fletcher (Fort Wayne)
  • Paul Harris (Great Lakes Region)
  • Piccolo Mondo (Puget Sound Region)
  • Raleigh's (a/k/a Raleigh Haberdasher)
  • Ransohoffs
  • Richman Brothers - Men's specialty store based in Cleveland. Was sold to F.W. Woolworth in 1969; operated for a time as Anderson Little-Richman Brothers; finally ceased operations in 1992.
  • Robert Hall
  • Rogers Peet (NYC and branches)
  • Roos-Atkins
  • Sagebrush - Sold Levi's blue jeans
  • Saks-34th Street
  • The Sample (Buffalo, New York)
  • Scott Ties
  • Silverwoods
  • Smiths
  • Tee Town
  • Thom McAn Store
  • Woolf Brothers
  • Wild Pair Shoes

Department and discount stores

See List of defunct department stores of the United States

Drug stores

Electronics stores

Five and dime / Variety stores

Furniture stores

Grocery stores and supermarkets

Home improvement, home decor, and craft stores

Music and Video Stores (Records, Tapes, Books, etc.)

Office supply stores

  • J. K. Gill (Pacific Northwest)
  • Keeney's (Seattle?)
  • Office Warehouse (division of Home Quarters)
  • Paper Cutter (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania; division of Fay's Drug)
  • Tam's Stationers (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Ulbrich's (Buffalo, NY)

Camping, sports or athletic stores

  • AdventureSports!
  • AM/PM Camp
  • Copeland Sports
  • Galyan's
  • Gart Sports
  • Golf Augusta Pro Shops
  • Hermans World of Sporting Goods
  • JumboSports
  • Oshman's
  • Olympic Sports (Seattle)
  • Security Sporting Goods (New Orleans)
  • Sportmart
  • Sports Town USA
  • Sports Unlimited
  • Sportswest
  • Warshal's

Toy stores

Warehouse clubs and membership department stores


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