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20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is the home video distribution arm of the 20th Century Fox film studio. It was established in 1976 as Magnetic Video Corporation, and later as 20th Century Fox Video, CBS/Fox Video and Fox Video. The company also is best known for distributing the world's highest grossing film of all time Titanic which took in U.S. 1.8 billion dollars worldwide.

CBS/FOX became Fox Video in 1991, alternating with the CBS/FOX name until 1998. It was re-named as 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in 1995, alternating with the Fox Video name until 1999. They also currently distribute Pathé and Lions Gate Entertainment DVD and VHS titles in the UK, and HIT Entertainment, Lions Gate, Anchor Bay Entertainment,Yari Film Group and The Weinstein Company DVD titles in North America.

They also distribute MGM DVD titles worldwide under the MGM Home Entertainment label since MGM ended their home video agreement with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, with the exception of certain MGM/UA/Columbia TriStar co-productions (in such cases, SPHE continues to own domestic video rights). Fox's best selling DVD titles are currently the various season boxsets of The Simpsons.

They also once served as the U.S. distributor for television and/or movie products released by the BBC from the 1980s to the 1990s, but those U.S. distribution rights expired at the start of 1999, and were then given to Warner Home Video.

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