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{{Infobox Education in Canada |name= Argyll Home Education Services Centre |image= Argyll centre logo.png |imagesize= |motto= |motto_translation= |streetaddress= 6859-100ave |city= Edmonton |province= Alberta |postalcode= T6A-0G3 |areacode= 780 |phone= 465 1299
1 888 532 7222
(Edmonton Main Campus)

(403) 204 1836
1 888 734 2611
(Calgary Campus)

(403) 331 3123
1 888 734 2722
(Lethbridge Campus) |fax= |email= argyll@epsb.ca |url= http://argyll.epsb.ca/ |schoolnumber= |schoolboard= Edmonton Public Schools |affiliation= |superintendent= |trustee= |principal= Sig Jensen |viceprincipal= Connie Spasiuk (Elementary/Junior High)
Daylene Lauman (High School}
Loren Spector (Southern Alta.) |administrator= |schooltype= Distance Learning |grades= K-12 |language= English |area= |mascot= |teamname= |colours= |founded= |enrollment= |enrollment_as_of= }}

Argyll Home Education Services Centre (Argyll Centre) is a distance education school in Edmonton, Alberta. Although it is part of the Edmonton Public Schools system, it has many students from other school divisions, provinces and even other countries. It teaches grades ranging from 1 to 12.


Argyll Centre has several campuses throughout Alberta. It was named after its first campus located in an old school off of Argyll Road in Edmonton. For many years that was the main campus of LearnNet. Starting in the end of the 2004-2005 school year Argyll moved its main campus to Forest Heights School due to the Asbestos insulation. The original plan was to leave the correspondence program behind and move everything else. However, by August they obtained permission to close the Argyll Campus down.

Programs Offered

Argyll Centre has a wide variety of programs. These include

  • LearnNet (see below)
  • Correspondence - Where students fill our booklets and mail or bring them to the correspondence office where they are marked by teachers.
  • The Sakinah Circle - Islamic themed schooling from Kindergarten to Grade 3
  • Careaway
  • Traditional Homeschooling


LearnNet works similar to both traditional public schools and homeschooling. It has teachers who work from the Edmonton campus (sometimes they will work from home). Assignments are downloaded to students home computers using Lotus Notes. Over the year many methods of instruction have been attempted. Currently a student can contact their teacher through phone, email, or Lotus Sametime.

Argyll also offers "Christian LearnNet" which is similar to the rest of the program but with a Bible-based focus.

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