Home counties

Home counties

"Home counties" is an informal phrase used to designate the group of counties that border or surround London, England. The term originated in the late nineteenth century, and is probably derived from the Home Circuit of the itinerant Assize Court. The home counties have no official definition but are usually understood as coinciding with the London commuter belt or the London Metropolitan Area, i.e., where people can work in London without living in the city and travel home each evening. The home counties are sometimes also called London and the South East.

Social and political connotations

The term 'home counties' is occasionally used to describe the social and moral attitudes and physical attributes of the prosperous and frequently conservative (both culturally and in terms of support for the Conservative Party, for which south eastern England is a stronghold) people who are thought to abound in them, for example in the phrase 'home counties accent'.

The home counties

There is no official definition of the "home counties". However, the term has been used in legislation and the administration of the armed forces during the twentieth century as follows:

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