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Home Building Association Company

The Home Building Association Company building was designed by Louis Sullivan and is located in Newark, Ohio. It was one of three banks designed by Sullivan in 1914, the other two being in Grinnell, Iowa and in West Lafayette, Indiana. For this project the architect was given a narrow lot but made the building larger by making it two stories high, something that he did not typically do in his banks.

The color scheme chosen here deviates from his normal red-brown brick tapestry surface. Instead the building is covered with gray-green terra cotta slabs that are edged with typical Sullivanesque border designs. The ornamentation included a winged lion quite similar to the ones to be found in Cedar Rapids, Grinnell and Sidney. Little mention is made in the literature about Sullivan as to why these creatures populate his banks. Also unusual is the fact that Sullivan includes his name in the tile mosaic over the front door.



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