Racial Holy War

A term originally coined by Ben Klassen and used extensively throughout his book the White Man's Bible, Racial Holy War (also called RaHoWa or capitalized, RAHOWA and often abbreviated as simply R!) is the ongoing conflict associated with the White Separatist religion known as Creativity, in which White people are united in a holy war against Jews and other non-Whites. It can be used in both a Cold War sense and to refer to a violent race war. Specifically, the idea is that people of pure White European descent marshal their forces against the "mud races," who are led by the Jews. The term "racial holy war" has gained some popularity within White racialist terminology, but has not seen wide use other than as a slogan within White Separatist groups. Creators often use RAHOWA! as a salutation when meeting and greeting. Numerous Creator websites also make use of the term as part of their domain name, such as


In the early 1990s George Burdi (a now former Canadian member of what was then called the Church of the Creator) formed a band called Rahowa. They released two albums from 1993-1995. Many of their songs had explicitly racist and violent lyrics. For more about the band, see the Wikipedia entry on RaHoWa (band).

Role-playing game

The name Racial Holy War was also used for a free role-playing game published by Reverend Kenneth Molyneaux of the White Separatist, World Church of the Creator (as it was then known). The RPG is based on the premise that "inferior races" have largely conquered the world, and that white heroes must now rise up to defeat them. Hit points are regained by scavenging food or reading White Power literature. Among the quirks in its rule-set are a system for being bribed by Jews into missing turns, a system for weapons themselves to gain experience points, and very specific determinations for special attack methods from other races, yet no documentation to resolve an attack turn for White characters.

The game text now only appears in web archives, but it is still mentioned in many forums although it remains one of the least popular RPGs ever produced.

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