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Submission Hold

Submission Hold is a Vancouver-based punk band formed in 1993. They are known for their unusual sound, once labeled "post-genre", which combines hardcore punk with elements of experimental and Eastern-European folk music. Submission Hold's lyrics often relate to anarchist and feminist politics, but often with a more poetic and abstract quality than similar political bands.


Submission Hold's core members are vocalist Jen "Throw-Up" Thorpe, Stephen Flach on guitar, Andy Healey on bass, and Kenton Loewen on drums. Collaborative partners include the flutist Kirsten Elliott, among others. Bassist Andy Healey is known within the Canadian zine community for writing the zine I'm Johnny and I don't give a fuck.


The band is also known for consistently maintaining and promoting a fierce DIY ethic, and in this respect are sometimes compared to Fugazi and the Dutch noise/punk band The Ex. Submission Hold are notable for helping introduce throughout the 1990s certain elements of European anarcho-punk and folk-punk to the North-American punk scene. They have fostered strong connections internationally, having toured in over twenty countries and having released records in Canada, on the United States' Ebullition Records, the United Kingdom's Flat Earth, Argentina's Civolentia Violenta, and Australia's Radio 1. Their recordings have also been independently re-released in Indonesia, Poland, and Brazil, and on over 50 compilations.



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