Wong Lam-Hoi

Wong Lam-Hoi (黄林开) was originally from Guangdong and became a disciple of Sing Lung (Sing Luhng) at age 28. Little is know about Wong Lam-Hoi’s prior Kung-Fu knowledge or skills. We do know that he trained with Monk Sing Lung for approximately 10 years, until his death in 1893.

Soon after the death of his teacher, Wong Lam-Hoi decided to spread the art and accept disciples. He taught many well known martial artists including: Nhg Siu-Chan 吴肇锺, Nhg Shi-Kai, Nhg Keng-Wen, Lei Shing-Kon, Dong Di-Wen, Nhg Gam-Tin, Cheng Tit-Wu, Leung Chi-Hoi, Lo Chiu-Kit, Chung Chan-Yung and Dang Ho. His most famous disciple was his senior student Nhg Siu-Chung. Nhg Siu-Chung decided to rename the style Baahk Hok Pai(Bok Hok Pai or Tibetan White Crane Style).

White Crane practitioners use many of the hand and weapon forms of the Lama Pai style. Many White Crane schools and Federations also practice additional forms. Most of these forms are smaller sections of larger forms which are used for training new student. As with most Chinese styles, every generation or so adds something to the style, usually based the other martial influences of the current teacher.

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