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Up for the Down Stroke

Up for the Down Stroke is a 1974 album by Parliament. It was the band's second album (following 1970's Osmium), and their first to be released on Casablanca Records. The album's title track was Parliament's first chart hit and remains one of the most well-known P-Funk songs. The album also contains a funk reworking of The Parliaments' song "(I Wanna) Testify" under the title "Testify".

Track listing

  1. "Up for the Down Stroke" – 5:10(released as a single-Caasblanca 0013)
  2. "Testify" – 3:49(released as a single-Casablanca 811)
  3. "The Goose" – 9:13(released as a single-Casablanca 0003)
  4. "I Can Move You (If You Let Me)" – 2:47
  5. "I Just Got Back [From the Fantasy, Ahead of Our Time in the Four Lands of Ellet]" (P Chase) – 4:33
  6. "All Your Goodies Are Gone" – 5:07
  7. "Whatever Makes Baby Feel Good" – 6:01
  8. "Presence of a Brain" – 3:19

2003 Remaster contains the following extra tracks:

  1. "Up for the Down Stroke (Alternate Mix) [Bonus Track]" – 5:39
  2. "Testify (Alternate Mix) [Bonus Track]" – 4:03
  3. "Singing Another Song (Previously Unreleased) [Bonus Track]" - 3:04


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