Georges Pouchet

Charles Henri Georges Pouchet (February 26, 1833 - 1894) was a French naturalist and anatomist who was born in Rouen. He was the son of naturalist Félix Archimède Pouchet (1800-1872).

In 1865 he became chief of anatomical works at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris, and was later co-director of the maritime laboratory at Concarneau. From 1879 to 1894 he was professor of comparative anatomy at the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle.

Pouchet made contributions in several scientific fields, and specialized in comparative anatomy of fishes and whales. He was a prime advocate of polygeny, and was the author of an anthropological work titled De la Pluralité des Races Humaines (The Plurality of the Human Race), which was later translated into English. In 1892 he was part of an early scientific polar expedition to Svalbard and Jan Mayen.

Selected writings

  • Journal de l’anatomie et de la physiologie (Journal of anatomy and physiology), with Charles-Philippe Robin (1821-1885), 1878
  • Mémoire sur le grand fourmilier (Discourse on the Giant anteater), 1874
  • Precis d'histologie humaine et d'histogénie (Treatise of Histology and Human Histogeny), with Frédéric Tourneux (1851-1922), 1878
  • La Biologie aristotélique (Aristotlean Biology), 1885
  • Rapport sur le laboratoire de Concarneau (Report on the Laboratory at Concarneau), 1888
  • Traité d'ostéologie comparée (Treatise of Comparative Osteology), with H. Beauregard, 1889


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