Hippology (from Greek: ιππος, himpos, "horse"; and λόγος, logos, "knowledge") is the study of the horse.

Today, Hippology is the title of an Equine Knowledge Contest that is usd in 4-H, FFA and many horse breed contests. Hippology consists of four phases: Horse Judging, Written Examination and Slide Identification, ID Stations and Team Problem Solving.

Many youth across the United States, and in other countries compete in Hippology annually, showing their knowledge of all things "horse".

Items covered in the contest may cover any equine subject, i.e., Reproduction, Training, Parasites, Dressage, Draft Horses, History and Origins, Anatomy and Physiology, Driving and Harnessing, Horse Industry, Horse Management, Breeds, Genetics, Mustangs, Western Games, Colors, Famous Horses in History, Parts of the Saddle, Types of Bits, Feedstuffs and Nutrition. Hippologers with broad horse knowledge and skills will do well in Hippology.

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