hippeastrum puniceum

Barbados (disambiguation)

Barbados can refer to:



  • Joe Walcott, also known as "The Barbados Demon", an early twentieth century boxer
  • Barbados Slim, a fictional character on the US-based Television show Futurama



  • Barbados Aloe, a nickname for a species of aloe plant formally known as Aloe vera
  • Barbados Cherry, the nickname of a plant known as Acerola
  • Barbados gooseberry, the nickname for a plant species known as Pereskia aculeata
  • Barbados Lily, a nickname for a species of flowering Lily known as Hippeastrum puniceum
  • The Barbados Silver Palm (Coccothrinax barbadensis)
  • The Pima cotton or "Sea Island cotton", known as the (Gossypium barbadense)
  • Muscovado, a style of sugar also known as "Barbados"


  • Barbados Slave Code, a system in Barbados and later South Carolina devised to establish African slavery
  • The Barbados Plan of Action (BPOA), the widely used name of a United Nations document created in Barbados in 1994 during the Global Conference on the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States
  • HMS Barbados, a United States ship lent to the British Royal Navy
  • Barbados (band), a Swedish band who participated in Melodifestivalen several times
  • Barbados (song), a UK #1 single for Typically Tropical
  • Barbados (jazz), a jazz blues composed by Charlie Parker

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