hinton, baron hinton bankside


[hin-tn, -tuhn]
Hinton may refer to:


In Australia:

In Canada:

In England:

In the United States:


As a given name:

As a surname:

  • Carma Hinton, Chinese documentary film-maker, daughter of William Hinton (see below), and great-granddaughter of:
  • Charles H. Hinton, son-in-law of George Boole, author of the book An Episode of Flatland, coined the word tesseract
  • Christopher Hinton, First Baron Hinton of Bankside, (1901-1983), a British nuclear power engineer
  • Craig Hinton, a British writer, whose work includes several Doctor Who novels
  • Ed Hinton, (born 1948), a motor racing sportswriter
  • Eddie Hinton (1944-1995), a US songwriter and session musician
  • Geoffrey Hinton, a British computer scientist
  • Howard Hinton (1912-1977), a British entomologist and Fellow of the Royal Society
  • James Hinton (1822-1875), an English surgeon and author
  • J. M. Hinton, also known as "Michael Hinton", Oxford philosopher, first modern proponent of disjunctive view of perception
  • Joan Hinton, a US nuclear physicist who has lived in China for many years
  • Joe Hinton, soul singer
  • Martin Hinton (1883-1961), English zoologist
  • Milt Hinton (1910-2000), jazz double bassist
  • Susan Eloise Hinton (born 1950), an American author of young adult novels
  • William H. Hinton (1919-2004), an American Marxist who chronicled the Chinese Revolution, most notably in his work Fanshen

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