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Doshisha University

, or is a private university in Kyoto, Japan. It has 24,000 students on three campuses, in faculties of theology, letters, law, commerce, economics, policy, and engineering. It also has graduate programs in American studies and policy and management. Tuition and fees average ¥850,000 ($7,000) a year for liberal arts majors, and are higher for science and engineering majors.

It was founded by an ex-samurai named Niijima Jō. Niijima sneaked out of Japan in 1864, at the age of twenty-one, and found his way to Boston, Massachusetts, where he attended Phillips Academy, Amherst College, and Andover Theological Seminary under the name Joseph Hardy Neesima. After he returned to a Westernizing Japan in 1875, he founded in Kyoto. Canadian Methodist missionary G. G. Cochran played a role in the establishment of Doshisha University, and his contribution to the improvement of Japan's educational system is considered an important episode in the early history of Japanese-Canadian relations. The institution took its present form in by incorporating a law school, normal school, and women's college.

By 1920, Doshisha was a full-fledged university in the Anglo-American tradition. During World War II, its buildings were given Japanese names and its curriculum was stripped of its pro-Western elements, but the pre-war conditions were restored after Japan's surrender.

Amherst College has maintained close ties with Doshisha since its founding. Amherst and Doshisha are considered sister schools and have had a long running student and faculty exchange program that was interrupted only by the Second World War. Additionally, Doshisha collaborates with a consortium of prestigious American liberal arts colleges (including Amherst) to host the Associated Kyoto Program, an 8-month long study abroad program offered every year to students of American colleges.

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Addresses of campuses

  • Imadegawa Campus
    • Karasuma-Higashiiru Imadegawa-Dori Kamigyo Ward Kyoto City
  • Kyotanabe Campus
    • Miyakodani Tatara Kyotanabe City,Kyoto-Fu Prefecture


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