Rink Hijinks

"Rink Hijinks" is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends Flash cartoon series.


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Generic Tree Friends

HTF's Episode Description

Remember how fun it was to go to roller skating? Flaky tries her luck on the rink and Disco Bear shows off his fancy twirls. Meanwhile, Lumpy ends up in a jam and Cub wins a one-of-a-kind prize at an arcade game.


Flaky seems to be having some difficulty finding her footing while skating onto a roller rink. After seeing a Generic Tree Friend skate by, however, Flaky pushes away from the wall and finds a good center of balance.

Suddenly, Disco Bear skates onto the rink, carelessly knocking Flaky into a floor buffer being pushed by Lumpy. Flaky is spun around and her body is worn down from being rubbed on the floor. Her quills fly off in all directions and pierce Disco Bear numerous times, killing him.

The floor buffer starts moving faster, causing Lumpy to lose his footing. He gets spun around by the machine, until he loses his grip and flies into a claw vending machine. He seems dazed, but otherwise alright. Unfortunately, Cub is standing at the game and he makes the claw puncture Lumpy's chest and pull out his heart. Cub is, at first, confused, but Lumpy's heart starts beating, making Cub gasp happily and embrace his prize.


"What goes around comes around!"


  1. Flaky rolls under a floor buffer and dies after being dragged along the floor at a fast speed.
  2. Disco Bear is killed when Flaky's quills fly at him and puncture his head/torso multiple times.
  3. Lumpy has his heart torn out by a claw in an arcade game.


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