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Austin Reed is a fictional character in the soap opera Days of our Lives portrayed by Patrick Muldoon from 1992 to 1995 and Austin Peck from 1995 to 2002 and 2005 to 2006. Austin's birth name is unknown, when his father, Curtis, took the children, he changed their names to prevent Kate Roberts from finding them. All that is known is that his original surname was Brown.

Character's background

An aspiring boxer, Austin came to town with his troubled sister Billie Reed and was instantly smitten with Carrie Brady. Carrie gave Billie a place to stay, which led to the two of them spending a lot of time together. Carrie & Austin were doing great, until Austin didn’t throw a fight and drew the ire of a lot of bad people. In retaliation, acid was thrown on Carrie’s face, scarring her. Carrie went through reconstructive surgery, while Austin dealt with the murder of his father, Curtis. Billie was the prime suspect. At the trial, both Billie and Austin learned that Kate Roberts was their biological mother – making Lucas Roberts their half-brother. Meanwhile, Carrie’s half-sister Sami Brady was obsessed with Austin and plotting any way she could to get her man.

Sami went so far as to drug and rape Austin, making him believe she was Carrie. Carrie & Austin managed to survive all the drama and plan their wedding. Sami of course ruined the day with the announcement that she was pregnant with Austin’s child (which was a total lie). Austin tried to do the right thing and actual made a go of it with Sami, before learning the truth. The baby’s father was actually Austin’s half-brother, Lucas Roberts.

In a convoluted scheme involving Will’s abduction, Sami was able to get Austin to marry her; however, it was eventually annulled and Austin reunited with Carrie. Their married bliss didn’t last long. The constant meddling of Sami, as well as the affair Carrie had with Mike Horton, caused the couple to break up and Carrie moved to Israel with Mike.

In 2002, Sami (temporarily) won Austin's heart and they were set to get married in Las Vegas. At the same time Austin was being unsuccessfully pursued by Nicole Walker. Just before the ceremony, Lucas showed up with proof that Sami had lied and schemed to win Austin. He left her at the altar and moved to New York.

In 2005, Austin returned to Salem for Sami and Lucas' wedding. The wedding didn't happen and Austin was there for Sami when no one else was. With no place to stay in Salem, Austin moved in with Sami. They formed a company along with Nicole called Austin Reed and Company or ARC. The company took over High Style and at that time, Austin learned Carrie was back in the United States. Furious with Austin for taking over her company, Carrie turned to Lucas. With the help of some manipulation and blackmail by Sami, the couple soon married and Austin went back to Sami. He proposed to Sami and the two planned their wedding. On the day of the wedding, Sami called the marriage off.

To ensure that Carrie would no longer want to be with Austin, Sami was also able to blackmail Dr. Lexie Carver after finding out about Lexie's affair with young detective Tek Kramer. Lexie thought up of a bogus story to tell Carrie, which was that Austin and Carrie shared rare genetic markers and if they ever had children, the child would suffer extreme birth defects that could result in death.

Carrie then moved on romantically with Lucas, and even became engaged. She soon believed she was pregnant thanks to a false pregnancy test, leading for her and Lucas to rush their wedding date. When Carrie found out there was no baby, and had a "hysterical pregnancy", she was distraught and cheated on Lucas with Austin, her true love who was also engaged to her sister Sami at the time, on the roof of their apartment building.

As Austin recently did not marry Sami, Carrie has shown signs of relief. Prior to the ceremony she expressed to Marlena that she was still in love with Austin, and admitted to not being in love with Lucas. After secretly meeting with Austin to make love and comfort one another, Lucas came to the roof and caught her kissing Austin. After a bitter tirade on Lucas' part, Carrie was kicked out of their apartment. Soon after, Carrie handed Lucas annulment papers and Lucas was more than willing to sign them in order to immediately get Carrie out of his life. However, minutes later, the Gloved Hand slid a note under Sami's apartment door and Lucas, Carrie and Austin discovered the truth behind Sami's blackmailing of Lexie. After Sami finally admitted the truth about her misdeeds, a furious Carrie attacked her. The two sisters fought each other and when they stopped, Carrie swore to her half-sister that she will tell everyone of what she did.

Later, Carrie ran into Lexie and revealed to her that she knows the truth behind Sami's blackmail. Although Lexie tried to plea her case, Carrie didn't care and promised to pay Lexie back by reporting her to the hospital board and the AMA. After showing up with Dr. Finch to keep her promise, Lexie was immediately fired and Carrie felt that her stay in Salem was nearly complete. During dinner, Austin suggested that they move to Switzerland, where he can work at the Mythic Communications division there and Carrie can reclaim Highstyle. Carrie agreed on one condition--that they get married first. The two immediately went to the Justice of the Peace with their signed marriage licenses and got married (but not before getting briefly interrupted by a drunk Sami and Carrie disowning her). After saying their goodbyes to John, Kate, Marlena and Roman, Austin and Carrie took a plane and left Salem.

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