Higher self

Higher self

Higher Self is a term associated with multiple belief systems and with eternal, conscious, and intelligent being. The term has been popularized by new age and new religious movements (Neopaganism); however, it is used by many different groups and can therefore have multiple meanings and interpretations. It has been linked to Aleister Crowley and the Holy Guardian Angel, as well as Theosophists.


Each individual (re)incarnates into bodily form from its authentic or Higher Self, being sent to garner experience on the third density/dimension, in this case, planet Earth. When an individual dies, the energy stream from the Higher Self is withdrawn from the physical body. The Higher Self is always connected to each individual incarnation, and guides the individual throughout their life. The individuated mind/body energy stream completes its experience and then absorbs back into its Higher Self. It is also referred to as the I AM presence. All Higher Selves are One, being part of Universal Consciousness.

The Higher Self is also known as our future self or guardian angel, having full knowledge of our pre-incarnate goals and soul path. It will open or close doors of experience so as to best serve the individual's chosen path.

"Higher self is an integral and intimate aspect of ourselves that remains aware of (and actively interacts with) the whole of our being and our existence on the many planes or possibilities of life. One definition of the higher self can be: The part of ourselves that remains aware of our fragmented aspects and our wholeness simultaneously". Ronald Holt

The physical universe (the Earth, sun, galaxy) is within the confine of the third, fourth and fifth density/dimension. The fourth density is where dreams, & astral projections occur. Higher Selves are within the eight density/dimensions and just over the physical head while also anchoring into the Heart Chakra of their individuations.

Groups of Higher Selves

  • Unconscious of Higher Selves: these are individuals who have not ventured out of their most primitive and native territories, and practice rote rituals.
  • Sequentially-incarnating Higher Selves: Sequential incarnation is a new incarnation that will begin when the previous one has ended and its Higher Self has determined a need for further 3rd density experience. They do so by extending an energy stream from the 8th density into physical vehicles on the 3rd density. This process is commonly known as incarnation. Currently, all alien species (in contrast to Earth inhabitants, or "Earthers") within this galaxy, including those on Earth, are incarnation streams from sequentially incarnating Higher Selves.
  • Simultaneously-incarnating Higher Selves: these individuals were once in sequential mode, but now desire to learn and experience at a faster rate, and decided to switch to simultaneous mode. The process resembles that of sequentially incarnating Higher Selves except that all of the energy streams are extended at the same time, thus the term simultaneously. This group consists of approximately 35% of the human population on Earth.
  • Others: there are other Higher Selves such as the Nature Higher Self that inhabits Earth and gains experiences through manifestations of various natural elements, animals, and plants. A planet or star is considered dead when its former inhabiting Higher Self or other type of being completes its goal and withdraws its energy. Planets like Earth which undergo serial attempts at Higher Consciousness are known as thrones. Earth itself is undergoing somewhere between its 6th to 13th attempt at a higher vibration/consciousness. See Alice Bailey's writings.


Sequential: the initial incarnation is given no pre-incarnating knowledge, much like creating a blank portfolio. While an incarnation is having its ups and downs in the 3rd density, learning in the process, valuable experiences are gained and "uploaded" into the Higher Self via the energy stream. This is similar to adding voluminous collections of textual descriptions, images, feelings, etc. of the experiences into the said portfolio. When sequential Higher Selves decide that more incarnations are necessary, they provide the next incarnation with the existing portfolio up to this point as the base knowledge to start anew. Therefore, sequentially incarnating Higher Selves start with one empty portfolio, pack more and more knowledge into it with each incarnation, and pass the hard-earned portfolio to the next incarnation. They may decide to switch to the simultaneous state if so desired.

Simultaneous: the Higher Selves decide that they probably require a specific number, say N (hundreds or thousands), of incarnations to gain the experiences they desire. As a result, again using the portfolio analogy, they open up N blank portfolios at the same time, and each of the N incarnations is responsible for one of these portfolios. Having N incarnations at the same time has the advantage of learning N different things, enjoying N different lives, etc. However, the challenge is that these incarnations have to work out the contents of the portfolio alone because no previously created portfolios are available, as in the case of sequential incarnation. Because there are N "uplinks," simultaneously incarnating Higher Selves are constantly receiving an incredible amount of information from their incarnations. As a side benefit of uploading, real-time information sharing is possible among the incarnations: the essential, related, funny, or otherwise useful content of one portfolio, as determined by the Higher Self, may be filtered to the portfolio of other incarnation(s) via the energy streams of the Higher Self.


According to Max Freedom Long, the Huna of Hawaii teach that the higher self is a trans-personal super conscious that connects with the Universal life force energy and is located above the crown chakra (see: Transpersonal chakra).

Some Western models teach an approach to the higher self via raising consciousness through the conscious mind of the individual, using meditation and similar methods. In contrast, the Huna recommend first connecting to the lower self or subconscious mind which communicates to the higher self. In these teachings, the lower self possesses ESP, telepathy and clairvoyant abilities, for example. In this capacity, it accepts reinforced messages from the conscious which it transmits to the higher self, and gives the conscious mind messages it receives from the higher self in symbolic form via dreams or intuition.

At some point, the selves shift when the conscious fuses with the higher self, the subconscious self moves into the place of the conscious and a new subconscious takes its place in the capacity of the former lower self. This is likened to a process of transformation or ascension.

Prominent Adherents

After attending a number of self-exploratory courses at the Monroe Institute, Bruce Moen was drawn to document many experiences that corroborated the concept of higher self in a set of books, the "Exploring the Afterlife" series. His higher self (which he called "Curiosity") had a small number of simultaneous incarnations ("probes"), several of which also had links with the Institute. His experiences led him to understand that higher selves were hierarchically structured, grouped into yet higher selves, which were themselves futher grouped.

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