Alexander Spirin

Alexander Sergeevich Spirin (Russian: Александр Сергеевич Спирин) (born September 4, 1931) is a Russian biochemist, professor of Moscow State University, and director of Protein Research Institute (Puschino, Moscow Oblast). His primary scientific interests reside in the field of biochemistry of nucleic acids, and protein biosynthesis.

In 1957 together with Andrey Nikolayevich Belozersky he conducted comparative analysis of bacterial DNA and RNA, and predicted existence of messenger RNA. He gave the first qualitative description of the structure of high-polymer RNA (1959-61). In 1963 he discovered the structural transitions of ribosomes and formulated one of the principles of structure of ribosomes. He discovered an artificial ribosomal self-assembly (1963-66). Proposed a molecular mechanism of the ribosome role in protein synthesis (1968). He conducted an extra-cellular protein synthesis on modified ribosomes — non-enzymatic translation (together with L.P. Gavrilova) (1970-74).

Dr. Spirin was awarded Hans Adolf Krebs medal in 1969, elected Honorary Fellow of University of Granada in 1972.

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