Memphis City Schools

Memphis City Schools is a school district located in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

MCS serves the entire city of Memphis. Some areas of unincorporated Shelby County are zoned to Memphis City Schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Some unincorporated areas of Shelby County are zoned to schools in Shelby County Schools for elementary and middle school and Memphis City Schools for high school.

Strategic Goals

The MCS Website lists 6 "Strategic Goals" MCS Website

1. STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT: Accelerate the academic performance of all students.

2. ACCOUNTABILITY: Establish a holistic accountability system that evaluates the academic, operational and fiscal performance of the school district.

3. PARENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Build and strengthen family and community partnerships to support the academic and character development of all students.

4. HEALTHY YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: Create a school community that listens to student input and promotes student leadership and healthy youth development.

5. SAFETY: Maintain a positive, safe and respectful environment for all students and staff.

6. DIVERSITY: Create a school community that is sensitive and responsive to the needs of an increasingly diverse population. wats goiung on

Memphis City Schools Board of Education

Memphis City Schools is governed by the Memphis City Schools Board of Education. It's composed of nine members, who are residents of the city, elected by the citizens at the general election in November to serve a four year term. Seven members are elected by district to represent a specific area within the city, and two members are elected at large to represent the entire city. At the last meeting in December, the Board elects a President and a Vice-President to serve for a term of one year to be effective January 1.

The Board of Education is responsible for establishing goals for the school system and adopting policies for the effective operation of the school system. The Board appoints a Superintendent to oversee the operation of the school system in accordance with the educational goals and policies it establishes.

DUTIES OF THE BOARD : The Board focuses on three major areas: policy development, advocacy for Board policies, and accountability for district goals.

The district's strategic plan is a working document used to guide and reinforce MCS's mission and goals. It is continuously reviewed, evaluated, discussed, updated, and endorsed by the Board Commissioners. The Board of Education also conducts regular evaluations of the Superintendent's performance.

Approval of the budget is a major function of the Board. Commissioners support the hiring of teachers, administrators, and support staff who are responsible for educating the students.

As public officials, individuals who serve on the Board are active and visible members of the community. However, the Board acts officially only as a group. It is committed to openness and candor in the conduct of its business and encourages citizen participation during regular meetings.

School uniforms

All MCS students are required to wear school uniforms.

Students may wear oxford shirts, polo shirts, turtlenecks, and blouses with "Peter Pan" collars. Colors vary, depending upon the school. In general, all white shirts are acceptable. Check with each school to find out what colors besides white are also acceptable. Sweatshirts must be white, black, navy blue, tan or any other colors approved by the individual campus.

Trousers, shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be black, tan, or navy blue. Denim clothing is not allowed.


K-12 schools


Secondary schools

7-12 schools



High schools



Middle schools




K-8 schools



K-7 schools


Elementary schools

Zoned elementary schools




Alternative elementary schools


Former schools

Former elementary schools

  • Hollywood Elementary School (closed spring 2007) (Students reassigned to Springdale Elementary School)
  • Lauderdale Elementary School (closed spring 2007) (Students reassigned to Larose Elementary School)
  • Macon Elementary School (closed spring 2007) (Students reassigned to Berclair Elementary School)

Former secondary schools

Former high schools

  • Humes High School
  • Tech High School - Tech High School closed in 1987. The facility is still operated by the Memphis City Schools as The Pyramid Academy, serving children who are unable to function in a regular school environment. But Tech High lives on with a very active Alumni Website which features photos of EVERY graduate from 1922 to 1987.

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