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Lucy Maria Misora

Ruko Kireinasora (and later, Lucy Maria Misora) is a fictional character from the popular anime and video game, ToHeart2. She is an alien from the third planet of the 47 Ursae Majoris system and originally traveled to Earth to explore it.

Personal Stats

  • Given Name:
  • Adopted Name:
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Three Sizes: 79/57/78
  • Birthday: February 30th
  • Seiyū: Rio Natsuki

Character Outline


A fatigued Ruuko suddenly dropped to the ground, exhausted from a severe lack of nurtrition as she was exploring the planet Earth for historical and research purposes. Luckily for her, Takaaki Kono was nearby and immediately provided her with the minimal nurishment her body needed. In his debt, Ruko expressed her gratitude by rewarding him a form of currency -- a single matchstick that, on her planet, was enough to purchase a single rocket engine.

The next day, Takaaki and Ruuko run into each other at the school hallway. She had apparently transferred herself into his school -- and directly into his class. After her initial class introduction ("Ruuko. The beautiful sky. Let us get along."), she was seated next to Takaaki and recalled the kindness he had shown her the previous day -- in exchange, she offered him knowledge of the Universe (to which he declined, temporarily).

Ruuko and Takaaki became friends, with the alien learning more and more about humans through Takaaki. Eventually, she returned to her home planet after her research of Earth concluded -- with a greater understanding of human beings.


Ruuko's civilization has decidedly named the planet Earth as "U," and as such, she refers to the world and all of its inhabitant -- including human beings -- as "U" ("Uu"). Similarly, Ruuko addresses herself as "Ru" ("Ruu"). Her standard greeting includes the raising of both arms high into the air -- under certain circumstances, this gesture can serve as a summon for her extraterrestrial companions in the sky.

Ruuko's personality is portrayed as aloof and somewhat inexpressive; however, she is certainly not unemotional.

Ruuko also has a strange affinity for Earth's felines; on several occasions, she was shown feeding Meow, a stray cat she met at the local park. Ruuko apparently can communicate with animals as well, as seen through her various interactions with Meow.

Ruuko's preferred meal of choice is fish ("It is a daily nutritional side dish."). She does not like the taste of eggs ("This thing called an egg sandwich is not tasty.").

Lucy Maria Misora

Towards the end of the game, Ruko's alien family decided to relocate to Earth from their home planet. Ruko returned to Takaaki's life, and adopted the guise of an American transfer student with her real name -- "Lucy Maria Misora." (as her translating device was broken due to some prior accidence during the game, her name was at first translated as "Ruuko Kirei na Sora")

Notes & Trivia

  • Although Ruko's official debut came in episode 6, she was shown in two episodes prior to it: in episode 3, where she fills out a school survey with strange hierographic pictorials, and later in episode 5 as she walks out of the classroom.
  • Ruko's arms-in-the-air "Ru" greeting evidently became something of a fad among her classmates, as Sango Himeyuri , a student of a different class and grade, used it to greet others in episode 8.
  • In episode 11, Ruko's adopted name can be seen on her invitation.
  • During the game in the player's first encounter with Ruko, in her initial attempt at communicating with the player using a human language, she speaks German; in fact in doing so, she asks the player if he speaks German ("Nicht Deutsch Sprechen?").

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