herald moth

The Herald (moth)

The Herald (Scoliopteryx libatrix) is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is a common species found in Great Britain and other parts. It has a wingspan of only 44 mm or so The Herald's flight period is between June and November, in one or two broods. During the winter the Herald moth hibernates in dark, cool structures (e.g. cellars, barns and caves), returning to take wing again from March to June. Its habitat is woodland parks and gardens, and (perhaps consequently) the resting wing pattern resembles a dead, shriveled leaf.

Herald caterpillars are long, and of a bright green shade common to many caterpillars. They are somewhat distinguished by the thin yellow lines running across the body between segments. When maturity is reached, they pupate between two leaves, in a white cocoon made of silk.




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