2-Heptanone, or methyl n-amyl ketone, is a ketone with the molecular formula C7H14O. It is a colorless to white liquid with a banana-like, fruity odor.

2-Heptanone is listed by the FDA as a "food additive permitted for direct addition to food for human consumption" (21 CFR 172.515), and it occurs naturally in certain foods (e.g., beer, white bread, butter, various cheeses and potato chips).

The mechanism of action of 2-heptanone as a pheromone at odorant receptors in mice has been investigated.

2-Heptanone is discussed as an alarm pheromone in the urine of rats.

2-Heptanone was one of the metabolites of n-heptane found in the urine of employees exposed to heptane in shoe and tire factories.


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