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Mrs. Gert Bogmelon

Mrs. Gert Bogmelon is a fictional character in the short-lived cult classic Disney cartoon Dave the Barbarian

She is a greedy shopkeeper who loves money and little else. Her shop in the Great Indoor Marketplace is called Bogmelon's Slightly Defective Snacks and Notions. She is generally seen taking advantage of meek people like Dave and other members of his family. She sells evil weasels, mystical swords (actually giant talking toothbrushes), enchanted half-bagels, miniature beavers (used for armpit and leg shaving), snakes (which she claims are hats and hot dogs), and other plot-related paraphrenalia. With the exception of the main characters (Dave, Fang, Oswidge, Faffy and Candy), she appeared in the most episodes.



She once showed an interest in acting (singing the chorus line in the Pageant of Udrogoth), but it turned out she only wanted to appear in a play so she could get paid.

Mrs. Bogmelon adores wealth, once going so far as to rub bills on her skin and exclaim, "Hello, money! I love you.." after receiving a large amount of drekels.

Wealthy customers- Ms. Bogmelon often goes out of her way to accommodate Candy, who she is aware is very rich and very gullible.

What is she?

Because of her appearance (green skin, hook nosed with a wart on it) many fans have suggested she is a troll, a goblin, ogre or maybe just a witch. Unfortunately it wasn't confirmed what she was in the show's short run so she has to be thought of as this very short and even uglier woman.


  • "Looking for something sweetheart? (before whoever she asks can answer) We got that!"
  • "It's 15 drekels, but for you, darlin', 50 drekels!"
  • "T-Shirts! Get your T-Shirts! 1 for the price of 2!"

Episodes she appeared in

Pet Threat

Lula's First Barbarian

Slay What?

The Way of the Dave

The Princess and the Pea-Brains

A Pig's Story

Night of the Living Plush


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