Hedge trimmer

Hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a piece of gardening/agricultural equipment used especially for trimming hedges.


Garden hedges, which used to be cut with a knife or with pruning shears, can now be cut with a powered hedge trimmer. This allows the work to be done faster, and with less effort.



The power source can be human power, gasoline, or electricity. The first type does not need anything to operate and is cheapest/most environmentally friendly. The former tend to be more powerful but can be heavier and more difficult to start. The latter tend to be lighter and less powerful (than gasoline variants) as well as less polluting, yet still require an electrical cord with most types. Powered hedge trimmers are generally designed with safety devices such that they only work when both of the operator's hands are on the handles.

Tractor mounted

A tractor-driven version of trimmers exist as well (not shown), which allows easy trimming/pruning of plants and food crops. More specifically, types exist with a movable arm and types without a movable arm (relying solely on rotating blades on 2 central pivots placed on the tractor's side). These latter are used in grape-growing (for making wine), by using small tractors which drive between the grape vines.

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