Eliphalet Adams

Eliphalet Adams (born March 26 1677, Dedham, Massachusetts — April 1753) was an eminent minister of New London, Connecticut. He graduated from Harvard University in 1694. He was ordained February 9 1709, and died in April 1753, aged 76. Dr. Chauncy spoke of him as a great "Hebrician".

He published a sermon on the death of Rev. James Noyes of Stonington; election sermons, 1710 and 1733; a discourse, occasioned by a distressing storm on March 3 1717; a thanksgiving sermon in 1721 and gave a sermon on the death of Gov. Leverett Saltonstall I in 1724.

He spoke at the ordinations of William Gager, May 27 1725 and Thomas Clap, 1726; and at a discourse before a society of young men in 1727.


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