Duo Datz

Duo Datz (Hebrew: הדצים, Hadatzim; commonly referred in Hebrew as אורנה ומשה דץ, Orna U-Moshe Datz or דץ ודצה, Datz Ve-Datza) is the common English name for the duo made up of Orna and Moshe Datz.

The popular artists are best known in Europe for performing for Israel at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest. Their song Kan (English for Here; The English version of the song is called: Come Along) came third with 139 points, behind Sweden and France, who both scored 146 points. They had previously entered in the Kdam contest in 1987 with Kupidon (Cupid), coming fourth with 63 points.

In Israel they are known for the middle of the road type of music and their series of children's DVDs.

On December 22, 2006 the couple announced they were ending their 21-year marriage.


On January 2007, Moshe Datz starred in a commercial for Goldstar beer, where he played a quiet, somewhat heavyhearted man, sitting in a pub, drinking beer. Noticing that it's too late (10:00 pm) he gets up and goes home. As he comes home, the house is empty. He grabs another bottle of beer, crooning a song, and walks down the hall. Next shot shows him opening a door to a jacuzzi room with five young women in bikinis, sitting in a hot tub, singing the same song. The commercial ends with his words: ("Who missed Datz?"), signaling his return to popular culture.

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