heaving out

Scrutator T'lisp

Scrutator T'lisp is a fictional character in Ian Irvine's The Well of Echoes quartet. She is one of four female members of the Council of Scrutators.

T'lisp is an old, dumpy woman with sandy grey hair that is teased up into a bun, yet does not conceal that she is going bald. She is mean, nasty and not an ally of Xervish Flydd. T'lisp studies people like a worm on a hook. Ullii studies T'lisps knot in her lattice and observes that she is just as corrupt and hard as Chief Scrutator Ghorr and Scrutator Fusshte.

T'lisp uses her strange talents to manipulate Ullii into signalling Scrutator Ghorr and give her self up to him. T'lisp is also the one to force Ullii into a premature labour, using her Art and traps Ullii with a braclet that she used to compel Ullii's brother Myllii with.

Scrutator T'lisp travels with the rest of the Council to Fiz Gorgo, to be witness to the executions. When Cryl-Nish Hlar is able to convince Ullii to help him foil the attack, Ghorr orders T'lisp to bind Ullii to her through her compulsion bracelet. Ullii uses her lattice in the way she used it to free Irisis Stirm months ago in Nennifer and T'lisp is anthracised. T'lisp dies heaving out her intestines.

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