Heartfelt is the sixth studio album by Filipino R&B singer Kyla, released by EMI Philippines on 2007. The album is composed of 17 tracks and which are mostly revivals, the first for the singer.

Track listing

  1. "I Don't Want You to Go" - 04:24 (Originally performed by: Lani Hall/lyrics by: Dori Caymmi, Carlo Cesar Pinheiro)
  2. "Love Will Lead You Back" - 04:49 (Originally performed by: Taylor Dayne/lyrics by: Diane Warren)
  3. "I Don't Have the Heart" - 04:14 (Originally performed by: James Ingram/lyrics by: Jud Friedman, Allan Rich)
  4. "Brokenhearted" - 03:48 (Originally performed by: Brandy/lyrics by: Keith Crouch, Kipper Jones)
  5. "Home" - 04:10 (Originally performed by: Brian McKnight/lyrics by: Brian McKnight)
  6. "I Miss You So Much" - 04:53 (Originally performed by: TLC/lyrics by: Babyface, Daryl Simons)
  7. "Always & Forever" - 05:02 (Originally performed by: Luther Vandross/lyrics by: Rod Temperton
  8. "Wait for You" - 04:27 (Originally performed by: Elliott Yamin/lyrics by: M.S. Eriksen, T.E. Hermansen, T. Jackson)
  9. "Over the Rainbow" - 03:19 (Originally performed by: Patti Labelle/lyrics by: Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harbug)
  10. "One Day in Your Life" - 04:25 (Originally performed by: Michael Jackson/lyrics by: Renee Armand, Sam Brown
  11. "Someone" - 04:18 (Original/lyrics by: Tamara Savage, Carstein Shack, Kenneth Karin)
  12. "Last Chance" - 04:28 ((Originally performed by: Allure/lyrics by: Mariah Carey, Mark Rooney)
  13. "With This Tear" - 04:11 (Originally performed by: Celine Dion/lyrics by: Prince
  14. "If I Were You" - 04:39 (Originally performed by: Tamia/lyrics by: Shep Crawford, Stacy Dove Daniels, S.T. Jones Artstrong)
  15. "It's Over Now" - 04:07 (Originally performed by: Joey Albert/lyrics by: Louie Ocampo, Joey Albert, Janice De Belen
  16. "For You" - 03:56 (Originally performed by: Kenny Lattimore/lyrics by: Kenny Lerum))
  17. "Over the Rainbow" (Alternate Version) - 03:22 (Originally performed by: Patti Labelle/lyrics by: Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harbug


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