In software, headless refers to computer programs that use textual input/output to interact with users, instead of using graphics or graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

In computer hardware, headless refers to a server with no monitor, graphics card, or keyboard attached. Interaction with it depends on the use of a network connection, serial communications, or the use of a "crash cart."

A headless is also a type of foe encountered in the role-playing universe of Ultima. They are naked humans, without a head.

The Headless are also NPC's found in the first low level Exile hideout in the role-playing universe of The Matrix Online. These are clothed, human looking programs with no heads.

Headless is also the term used for describing a person or animal who has no head whether through deformity or removal. Because virtually all living organisms require their brain to carry out basic functions, there are few non-fictitious examples of living organisms lacking heads.

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