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List of characters in Out of Jimmy's Head

This is a list of characters from the television show, Out of Jimmy's Head.

Main live action characters

Jimmy Roberts

Jimmy Roberts is a socially awkward and overly nice 12-year-old boy who can't say no to anyone, and as a result, ends up getting taken advantage of on a regular basis, even by his best friend Craig. After an accident at a Gollyworld theme park, he receives a brain transplant and is given the brain of Milt Appleday, the famous cartoonist who founded the park and created its characters. He makes it out of the operation just fine with his personality intact (explained by the doctors salvaging his "personality gland") but, he can now see all of Appleday's characters in real life, while no one else can, due to Milt having schizophrenia. The characters may not be entirely imaginary, as they can interact with Jimmy physically and push and pull him as if they were real (though Milt's schizophrenia may have played a part in that).

Craig Wheeler

Craig is Jimmy's best friend. Craig seems to take advantage of Jimmy on a daily basis. He is fixated on being part of the popular crowd. Easily excitable and impulsive, Craig is always coming up with ridiculous schemes to get popular and impress girls. Still, he proves himself to be a good friend, and seems to be less self-absorbed in the series than in the movie. In the series he is more of a prankster than a selfish brat, though he is still constantly scheming.

Robin Wheeler

Robin is Craig's older sister and Jimmy's crush. She is 14 years old. Although she is the most popular girl in school, she's secretly Appleday Pictures' biggest fan. Whenever she and Jimmy come into contact, Jimmy gets mixed up and has trouble speaking because he has a crush on her. They are shown to be relatively close friends, though Jimmy often gets on Robin's nerves.

Sonny Alabaster Appleday

Ken Roberts

Jimmy's Dad, Ken Roberts, is the principal at Jimmy's school (though the show's theme song describes him as not "qualified to council a donut"), where he insists that Jimmy address him as "Mr. Roberts." He's so full of child-like wonder that he's basically a giant kid. His childish acts are similar to Sonny's, but even more extreme. His first name was revealed in the episode "Friends."

Louisa Roberts

Louisa is Jimmy's mother and a professional astronaut, whom is always away when Jimmy needs her because she's on business a lot. Curiously, her missions go beyond mere space exploration, extending to science-fiction inspired duties such as battling space pirates (as referenced in the episode "Talent Show") and blowing up unnecessary moons (as referenced in the episode "Soda"). But when she is home, she's a caring and supportive parent. She acts as a stabilizing presence in the Roberts household, calmly putting up with Yancy's attitude and providing a counterbalance to her husband's silliness. She is always positive and rarely ever gets angry or upset. Her first name is Louisa, which is revealed in "Sleepover."

Yancy Roberts

Yancy is Jimmy's bossy adopted older sister and acts like a normal teenage girl. She's your basic 16-year-old girl: obsessed with boys, music and always fighting her parents for more independence. The only difference between Yancy and other girls her age is she's a green-skinned alien that Louisa adopted on one of her space trips. Yancy has powers which are mentioned a few times. Mostly the fact that she gets AM radio on her antennae, which Sonny remarked is weird. She takes it personally when she is insulted about being an alien. She has a sharp attitude and doesn't interact with Jimmy very often.

Minor live action characters

Mike Werewolfowitz

Mike is Yancy's boyfriend, who is also a werewolf. He is not seen at all during the movie and made his first appearance in the episode Sleepover, seen walking into Jimmy's backyard crying because Yancy had dumped him. He has made a few more appearances since then, in the episodes Ghosts and Sick Day, although in the first, it was merely a gag and didn't last long. Since his last name is Werewolfowitz, it is likely that all the people in his family are werewolves. In Sick Day and Soda he was seen in human form, and in Sick Day it is revealed that he sleeps for three days after he changes.

Animal-Loving Kevin

Kevin is another kid who goes to Jimmy's school. He is obsessed with animals and brings his most recent one to school every day. He made his first appearance in the movie (asking Jimmy to hold his man-eating python) but his name is not mentioned until the show. He appeared in 'Talent Show,' and his talent was a singing duck (although it appears the duck was not aware of its exact species). He also became Jimmy's friend in 'Friends,' although Jimmy only became his friend to make Craig jealous. His room is filled with animals when Jimmy goes there in 'Friends,' and there are even ironically two gophers (resembling Golly and Dolly), a penguin (resembling Tux), an alligator (resembling Crocco), a porcupine (resembling Prickles), and a jar of pickles (resembling Pickles).

Jake Crazeman

Another kid in Jimmy's school who made no appearance in the movie. He was first seen in 'Friends,' trying to be Craig's friend. As the nickname obviously suggests, Crazy Jake acts strangely, often popping up from nowhere. In 'Friends,' he also tried disguising himself by wrapping tinfoil around his face, and apparently carries doll heads in his backpack. He also was seen in 'Ghosts,' asking Craig (who was pretending to be a psychic) why he had been forced to live for 6000 years. In this episode, he seems to be more like some kind of monster than a weird kid. At the end of the episode, He locks himself and Craig inside a closet and transforms into some kind of monster, which is not seen. Craig declares the monster is "Neat." In 'Ambush," he was revealed to be the winner of the ambush game last year, and in the same episode he revealed his last name is Crazeman.

Main animated characters

Golly Gopher

Golly is a [(animal)|gopher] who wants to become a star again after his reputation degraded, and uses Jimmy to do so. He is the confident leader and iconic main character of Appleday Studios. On screen, Golly is a charming, funny, lovable, fun-loving, and cheerful hero, but in Jimmy's head he's really a manipulative egomaniac and narcissist who's always putting himself before others. He can be self-serving, but when push comes to shove, he cares about the cartoon gang and Jimmy. Golly is a spoof of Mickey Mouse. Just like Mickey looks very similar to Minnie, Golly looks very similar to Dolly. He likes putting Dolly's bow on, revealed in 'Sleepover' because he thinks it makes him pretty. He appears to get a little jealous when Jimmy listens to Dolly instead of him also revealed in 'Sleepover.' Golly also appears in his 'Hero in TRAIN-ing' story.

Dolly Gopher

Dolly is Golly's (apparent) girlfriend. However, she is his exact opposite. She is the overly sweet, empathetic heroine. She's a perpetual worrier and even the smallest complaint directed her way sends her into a tailspin of apologies. She is polite to a fault, apologizes often and cries even when she is not in trouble, and is a big worry-wart (or at least that's what Golly called her). In addition, she is insanely romantic. However, she remains a friendly and well-behaved young lady, however due to Multiple Personality Disorder she has a Rude, and stereotypical tomboyish personalty, though similar to Gollys' in some ways, in addition, she also has a New York accent. Though it only shows when her bow is removed. In the series, she is somewhat like Jimmy's guilty conscience. She is a spoof of Minnie Mouse. She is able to speak French as revealed in 'Sick Day' and help Robin study for French class. Also, in "Skate Park", Dolly is revealed to be an expert skater. Without her bow she is mistaken for a boy and ends up acting like a boy revealed in 'Sleepover'.


Tux is a wise-cracking comedian penguin who's always telling really terrible jokes and puns. He has a slight lisp and carries around a microphone. His cheesy catchphrase is "Zing!", which he says after every joke and several sentences. No one laughs at his jokes, and they are usually followed by silence, staring and booing. However, Tux continues to think that he is a riot. He shares a name with the Linux mascot Tux. He mentions he has an ex-wife reaveled in 'Talent Show' that was an owl. In 'Sleepover' his new penguin girlfriend makes an appearance. Tux also likes to sing and dance that is reaveled in 'Talent Show'.


Crocco is Golly's dim-witted idiot alligator sidekick. He is the equivalent to Goofy, and doesn't remember much. He angers Golly to no end. But underneath the stupidity, and then underneath a little more stupidity,and some more stupidity, there lies a kindhearted soul who's always trying to be a helpful guy. Despite his name, Crocco is an alligator. Crocco is "just a family name." He also has a train named after him: the Crocco-Rail Express. It hit Jimmy early in the movie, causing him to lose his brain, which is the whole reason that a 12 year old has a famous animator's brain. Although it is named after him, Crocco didn't know how to conduct the train which may be a joke since it hit Jimmy. In an episode called 'Mascot' it is revealed that he had an albino alligator girlfriend, with pink and red eyes and yellow hat with a drooping flower, who broke up with him after he got her chopped by a helicopter and while on a trampoline. In an episode called 'Bully' it is revealed that he loves egg salad and at the dance scene, he is seen dancing with Tux. He eats his friends if he is hungry and doesn't have egg salad.

Pickles and Prickles

  • Voice Actor: none

Two mute characters who have completely different personalities: Pickles is a nice, upbeat, and psychotically hyperactive pickle. Prickles is a depressed, careless, and deadpan porcupine who never smiled through the whole film, though he has recently smiled in the episode Friends, but frowned mere seconds after. They are a duo that starred in their own series of Appleday cartoons. When they come in contact with each other, they attempt to beat and clobber the other up using classic cartoon weaponry, such as anvils or hammers, which is their main activity, on screen and off. However, in Friends it's revealed that Pickles and Prickles are best friends, despite their violent nature towards each other. They are a parody of Tom and Jerry. Even though they are best friends Golly says that Pickles hates Prickles. Pickles is the only one in the gang who is not an animal. Prickles wears a tie that he doesn't wear in the movie. In the movie and an episode called 'Bully', they both dance together in the dance scene. The two of them are not voice by anyone since they are mute. They were also seen in 'Ambush' in one of Golly's episodes on his show.

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