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The Diamond Head Game

"The Diamond Head Game" was an American game show that aired from January 1975 to September 1975 in syndication. Borrowing its name from a long dormant volcano on the island of Oahu, the series was hosted by Bob Eubanks and assistant Jane Nelson, and is the only game show that was taped entirely on location in Hawaii.

The series was best known for the "Money Volcano," a glass enclosure in which the contestant stood and attempted to grab cash and cards (with prizes written on them) as a giant fan blew them through the air. The game's objective was to win the main round and advance to the Money Volcano "where there's a fortune in cash and prizes!"

"The Diamond Head Game" ran for 26 weeks in once-a-week syndication.


Format 1 (first 13 weeks)

Front game

The audience was divided into four sections, each representing "one of the islands of Hawaii." Two contestants were selected from each section at a time to compete in a head-to-head match. Eubanks read a general-knowledge question, and the first to buzz in had the chance to answer. A correct answer was worth one point, while an incorrect response or failing to provide a guess in time gave the point to the contestant. The first contestant to earn two points won a prize and advanced to the next round. The process repeated until all four contestants ("representatives" from each "island") were determined.

In the second round, each of the contestants stand at the base of Diamond Head (a three-step podium). Eubanks announced a category and 12 answers that fit. The contestants alternated giving responses, having to do so from memory. At any time, if a contestant gave a incorrect response, repeated an answer or failed to answer in time, he/she was eliminated; the remaining contestants won $50 and "climbed up" one step of Diamond Head. (In the rare event that all 12 responses were given correctly, everyone collected $50 and a new question was played.) The process repeated, with contestants winning $100 each after the second player was eliminated. The last remaining player advanced to the Money Volcano bonus round.

Money Volcano

The contestant was given 30 seconds to grab as many dollar bills and prize cards as possible and place it within a pouch placed around his/her waist. When time expired, Eubanks pulled out up to 10 bills and/or prize cards. The contestant had the option of stopping at any time and keeping what had been won to that point, since at any time if Eubanks revealed a $1 bill, everything was lost, and the game would be over. Eubanks also offered a buyout prize in exchange for any soon-to-be-revealed cash and/or prize cards. Among the dollar bills in the Money Volcano was a $10,000 bill.

Format 2 (second 13 weeks)

Front game

Two teams of three contestants competed in three question-and-answer rounds. A category was announced, along with five possible answers. A correct answer earned a team points, while an incorrect answer or failure to respond allowed the opposing team to answer.

The team with the most points after three rounds moved on to the fourth round, where they competed as individuals. The round was played much like the second round of the previous format, except that an incorrect/repeat answer or failure to respond penalized the player with a strike; two strikes eliminated that contestant. The winner received a prize and advanced to the "Money Volcano" bonus round.

Money Volcano

The first half of the game was played as before. However, Eubanks drew a maximum of only five bills, and offered opportunities for the contestant to quit and keep their current winnings, or trade for one of five bonus envelopes. Three of the envelopes concealed $100, another $5,000 and the fifth a grand prize. As before, the penalty for having a $1 bill drawn meant the contestant won nothing, and the game would be over.

Episode status

All episodes do exist, and the show was rerun on GSN from October 1997-April 1998 during the "Dark Period".

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