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Interstate 57

Interstate 57 (I-57) is an interstate highway in the midwestern United States. It goes from Miner, Missouri, at Interstate 55 to Chicago, Illinois, at Interstate 94. Interstate 57 serves as a de-facto bypass route for travelers from the south on Interstate 55 who are headed on their way to Chicago instead of going through St. Louis.

As of 2007, I-57 has no spur routes, nor are any planned in the near future.

Route description

|- |MO |21.96 |35.34 |- |IL |364.16 |586.06 |- |Total |386.12 |621.40 |}


In the state of Missouri, Interstate 57 runs from Miner to the Cairo I-57 Bridge over the Mississippi River south of Cairo, Illinois.

After ending at Interstate 55, the highway continues as U.S. Route 60, which meets U.S. Route 67 at Poplar Bluff, Missouri and from here US 67 goes south to Little Rock, Arkansas. The state of Missouri has proposed extending the I-57 designation down this corridor. However, this plan conflicts with Arkansas' plans to extend the Interstate 30 designation north on US 67, a road of which a long section already meets Interstate highway standards.


Major cities
Bolded cities are officially-designated control cities for signs

In the state of Illinois, Interstate 57 runs from the bridge over the Mississippi River north to Chicago. I-57 is the longest Interstate highway in Illinois. The route is an easy way to reach Shawnee National Forest in the southern tip of the state. It also serves as a major artery for college students in the state, running near Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Parkland College in Champaign, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Urbana-Champaign, Kankakee Community College in Kankakee, Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, and Governors State University in University Park. Interstate 57 currently does not have an intersection with Interstate 294 (Tri-State Tollway) in northeastern Illinois. It is one of only a few examples where Interstates cross but do not have interchanges with each other. Vehicles are directed to use Interstate 80 to access Interstate 294 instead, though U.S. Route 6 is another option.

Although the Illinois General Assembly named all of Interstate 57 in Illinois as the Thurgood Marshall Memorial Freeway, this name has not entered popular usage, and I-57 remains the only Chicago expressway that does not have a commonly-used name. Its original name was the Dan Ryan Expressway-West Leg.

Emergency Traffic Patrol (IDOT Minutemen)

All portions of Interstate 57 (near Chicago) between the Dan Ryan Expressway/I-94 and I-80 are patrolled by the Illinois State Police and the IDOT Emergency Traffic Patrol (IDOT ETP "Minutemen"). The ETP patrol 24/7/365 and can be recognized by their large bright yellow-green wreckers and orange jumpsuits. They can be reached at *999 via cellphone and respond to all manner of expressway incidents that you may be involved in from flat tires and no gas to major crashes. They are direct state employees and all of their services are free of charge (gasoline nominal mail-in charge). If your vehicle is disabled, attempt to pull immediately to the shoulder, place your hazard lights on and STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE until ETP arrival! If your vehicle stalls in a live lane of traffic and you are unable to coast to the shoulder, immediately place your hazard lights on, dial 911 (especially if traffic is moving at high speeds) and *999 if you have a cell phone and inform the operator that you are stalled in an interstate traffic lane; and brace for a possible high-speed rear end collision, but remain in your vehicle! An ETP vehicle wil arrive within twenty minutes (much sooner if you are in a lane). Never walk on or cross Interstate 57 on foot! Also, never accept unsolicited help from a private towing company. These companies often attempt to illegally prey on vulnerable motorists and charge exorbitant rates. If you have a motor club, call them. But DO allow the ETP driver to fix your issue or relocate your vehicle to a safe spot off the interstate. The ETP and/or state trooper can provide you with a list of reputable towing companies.

Exit list

County Location # Destinations Notes
I-57 southern terminus. Road continues westbound as US 60.
Scott Sikeston Continuation beyond I-55
1 - Memphis, St. Louis Signed as exits 1A (south) and 1B (north)
Mississippi 4
Charleston 10
12 North end of US 60 overlap
I-57 Bridge over the Mississippi River (state line)
Alexander 1 South end of US 51 overlap
Pulaski 8 Mounds Road
18 Ullin Road
Union 24 Dongola Road
25 Northbound exit and southbound entrance
36 Lick Creek Road
Johnson 40 Goreville Road
Williamson Goreville 44 - Nashville
Marion 53 Main Street - Marion Former IL 13
54 Signed as exits 54A (east) and 54B (west)
Johnston City 59 Johnston City, Herrin
Franklin West Frankfort 65
Benton 71
Jefferson 83 Ina
- Louisville South end of I-64 overlap
Mount Vernon 95
- St. Louis North end of I-64 overlap
103 Dix
Marion 109
Salem 116
127 Kinmundy, Patoka
Fayette 135
Effingham 145 Edgewood
151 Mason, Watson
157 - St. Louis South end of I-70 overlap
Effingham 159 Fayette Avenue - Effingham
163 - Indianapolis
Cumberland 177
Coles Mattoon 184
190 Signed as exits 190A (east) and 190B (west)
Douglas Arcola 203
Champaign 220
229 Monticello, Savoy, Tolono
Champaign 232 Curtis Road
235A University Avenue
237 - Indianapolis, Peoria Signed as exits 237A (east) and 237B (west)
238 Olympian Drive
240 Market Street
Ford Paxton 261
Iroquois 272 Buckley, Roberts
297 Clifton
302 Chebanse
Kankakee 308
Kankakee 312
Manteno 322 Manteno
Will Peotone 327 Wilmington, Peotone
335 Manhattan, Monee
Cook Richton Park 339 Sauk Trail
Matteson 340 Signed as exits 340A (east) and 340B (west) southbound
342 Vollmer Road Signed as exits 342A (east) and 342B (west) southbound
Country Club Hills 345 - Indiana, Iowa Signed as exits 345A (east) and 345B (west)
346 167th Street
Markham 348
Posen 350
Calumet Park 353 127th Street, Burr Oak Avenue (12700 South)
354 119th Street
355 111th Street, Monterey Avenue (11200 South)
358 Wentworth Avenue (200 W) Southbound exit only (corresponding entrance to I-94 west from Michigan Avenue)
- Indiana Northbound exit and southbound entrance
Northbound exit and southbound entrance
I-57 northern terminus

In Popular Culture

•Champaign, Illinois band Braid recorded a song titled 'Interstate 57' on their debut album, Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five.


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